Join me on a positive music journey to awaken your senses with good vibes of Handpan and other instruments through several creative projects...As always, a part of the benefits of my music sales is going to Charities and NGOs defending the Animal Cause and Children Care.By supporting my music, you enter a positive circle. Hopefully and humbly, let's contribute to make the world a better place.

Handpan Music For Animals

An original concept and ongoing project since 2015We're all connected...Click on the button below to read more

Sound Healing & Yoga/Meditation sessions

The Handpan and some other peculiar instruments, have real sound and vibration properties that help to sooth the mind, the heart and the rest of the body...Let me bring those good vibes in your sessions, workshops and way more...

(Belly) Dance & Handpan

A new project of Dance accompanied by Handpan Music, starting with my very good friend, the amazingly multi-talented Belly Dancer, Aimée "Billie" M.If you have the chance to see her in a Belly Dance show, don’t miss that opportunityRead more in the descriptions of the videos where she appears.

“AWAKENING & ENLIGHTENMENT” - xkliber (Guitar & Handpan Extended Version) [feat. Dan Barracuda]


When a Handpan meets a Pink Floyd-like space rock Guitar, Earth vibrations and natural singing whales...Watch the official video clip, get/stream this track on all the main music platforms by clicking this button:

Handpan Stories

(double album)

2 CDs, 18 tracks, 1h35 of relaxing, immersive, mysterious and groovy Handpan music, telling the stories of a journey around the world... ... from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean under big storms, to Jamaica and the Bayou of Louisiana, through a very living jungle, strange and enchanting forests to a haunted house, along the French harbors then crossing the steppes of Mongolia, and then noisy cities to the mysterious mists of Avalon to finally find our inner peace listening to our heartbeat.Digital copies available everywhere
+ physical copies on Bandcamp.

ANONYMOUS Player – 60s HANDPAN CHALLENGE (2019 – 3RD EDITION) – “HEATHENS” (Twenty One Pilots x MuteMath x Xkliber)

and it seems this chalenge tooThere’s even an inner hidden message inside this entry to the 2019 3rd edition 60 second Handpan Challenge.
(but I validate it…).
Read a bit more about what happened and why, in the video description on YouTube:

Running from
the Walking Dead


An original composition, on all the main musical platforms, with 3 Handpans and an immersive HD video clip with sound effects and soundscapes.More story in the video description on YouTube


About Me

Presentation / Introduction

Hello, I'm Jérôme "xkliber" Chauvin.

Music has always been an important part of my life, playing several instruments, solo or in bands and chamber or big orchestras, beside my job as an IT engineer in web techs and design.

I love to create, to mix and to mingle things and even more  (*).

Multi-instrumentalist (Violin, Handpan, several "World Music" percussions and instruments, Electronic music and others as I like to discover and experiment things), I always thought that "Music is THE Universal Language" adding that “it even survived the fall of the Babel Tower”.

That’s why I love to mix several sorts of styles, cultures, musics and technics through my creations.

Music, more than just talking to everyone, also (re-)connects, heals, soothes and can be a powerful tool to do good.

(*) : Involved in Animals & Children care causes, I decided that a part of my music sales benefits will go to NGOs and Sanctuaries like L214, One Voice, Anonymous for the Voiceless, PeTA, Sea Shepherd, The Dragonfly NGO, Tierlebenshof Hunsrück-Mosel, ... 











Handpan Music For Animals

I am the original creator of this concept and ongoing project, since 2015.My goal is to show how intelligent, sentient and lovable animals-non-humans are.I so wish that we, humanimals, make the connection and evolve to feel and understand the injustice, pain, terror, suffering and cruelty those beings are put through by our fault and our decisions on every level, as consumers and citizens.#GoVeganClick below to go to the dedicated video playlist:


Beside my music and video releases and projects, I provide several kinds of services.
Use the contact form to ask me for more details.

Playing in Hospitals

How not to be sensible to the pain of others, especially children which are innocent and vulnerable?
I will sincerely enjoy to come and play for them there, as well as for other people who are isolated and suffer in any kind of way, in different types of medical structures, in order to share good, positive and soothing vibrations of Handpan music.

Contact me if you work in this kind of structure and think it can bring joy and peace to their hearts and minds.

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