(Online) Music Collaborations

Music has no frontiers… As I always said: “Music is THE Universal Language … it even survived the fall of the Babel Tower”. 😉 Here’s a dedicated playlist to some of the music collaborations I did and still do from time to time, online and with people from all around the world. Read more in each video description on YouTube.

(Belly) Dance & Handpan Music #01 – Aimée “Billie” M. & xkliber (with Special FX)

• Belly Dancer: Aimée “Billie” M. • Handpan Musician: Jérôme “xkliber” Chauvin (plus Sound and Video Editing with special FX) With this first video of this kind on my YouTube channel, I’m starting a new playlist for this project (link below), here with my very good friend, the amazingly multi-talented young woman and Belly Dancer, Aimée “Billie” M.  who does …