(Belly) Dance & Handpan Music #01 – Aimée “Billie” M. & xkliber (with Special FX)

• Belly Dancer: Aimée “Billie” M.
• Handpan Musician: Jérôme “xkliber” Chauvin
(plus Sound and Video Editing with special FX)

With this first video of this kind on my YouTube channel, I’m starting a new playlist for this project (link below), here with my very good friend, the amazingly multi-talented young woman and Belly Dancer, Aimée “Billie” M.  who does solo projects and is also in the Belly Dancer Troupe named “Badawat Al Sahara”.
If you have the chance to see her in a Belly Dance show, don’t miss that opportunity.
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Dedicated playlist: Dance & Handpan Music